Colleague spotlight: meet Gemma Kelly, our Analytics Team Manager


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11th July 2019

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In the first in our colleague spotlight series, we meet Gemma Kelly, a seven-year AdviserPlus veteran and manager of our analytics team, to see what her typical day looks like, and find out what she loves about her role.

The culture of AdviserPlus hasn’t changed much in the seven years I’ve been here – and it was one of the key reasons I wanted join the company. Even across two sites and around 300 employees, it’s always felt like a close-knit, connected group of people. We’re all working together to achieve great results for our clients.

I’ve always gravitated towards leadership roles in my career, and AdviserPlus is no exception. Currently, I head up the 11-strong analytics team, managing our business intelligence (BI), insight and data quality projects, but I’ve held a variety of roles in the business that have given me a great foundation for working with our clients, from HR adviser to commercial insight manager.

My day with the analytics team

For me, a typical morning starts with meetings with the four subsections of the analytics team. At the moment, they’re working in two-week sprints on specific projects, so I’ll mostly be checking in on their progress so we can highlight any challenges and make sure everything’s going in the right direction.

The rest of my day can be spent on any number of analytics-related tasks, from planning bespoke BI implementations to identifying new opportunities in clients’ data. I also work directly with stakeholders here at AdviserPlus and with our clients, which includes the likes of United Utilities and the Post Office.

My favourite challenge

Working closely with my colleagues and clients is one of my favourite parts of the job – I love being able to home in on that golden nugget of insight among all the data. As my team and I have a strong HR background, we add even more relevance to the analysis. We don’t just give our customers a report full of numbers; we always aim to make recommendations for where they can reduce costs, support their people more effectively, or change the way they work to boost efficiency. That’s the high-value insight that can really make a difference for our clients.

And one of the best things about AdviserPlus is the range of clients we work for. We need to get our heads into so many different industries and organisations. They all have unique requirements – and it’s always fascinating to dig into what those are and find new solutions – but I often find there are common challenges across businesses and organisations of all sizes. Every company sometimes struggles to enforce policies fairly, or get their people engaged – the BI we pass on to them is key in overcoming those hurdles as it allows them to understand where the challenges are and what the root cause is, so they can focus their attention on the right areas to have the biggest impact.

Recently we’ve been working with the HR team at a large UK organisation who believed they had an issue with how disciplinary cases were being managed. Their working assumption was that a large number of cases were not progressing to formal outcomes but closing out as no further action was required or there was no case to answer. Using data analytics, we were able to prove this was the case and identify the root cause. We then worked with the client to upskill their managers. After six months we shared insights which not only demonstrated that the new approach to managing disciplinary cases was being implemented, but that it was saving their managers’ time and effort, and also reducing the impact on employee absence and attrition. This gave the organisation’s HR team a clear and simple return on investment.

Whatever type of organisation we’re working with, there’s always something new to understand, and there’s always an opportunity to apply lessons we’ve learned across our client base.

Tomorrow’s analytics team

One of my ongoing projects as analytics team manager is finding new ways that we can add value for our clients.

What we’re striving towards now is streamlining the way we deliver our standard services, so we can focus more of our capacity on proactive research and analysis – so we can help clients find detailed insights that they might not even know they’re looking for yet.

To learn more about what Gemma and her team do – and how they could help you, visit our People Analytics page.

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