People analytics: The key to driving business performance

04 December 2018

It’s easy to get carried away with data. Lots of companies have become accustomed to collecting lots of numbers and many of them have become adept at using them to produce charts and reports that offe...
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A guide on how to handle an employee who is off with work related stress

27 November 2018

Stress in the workplace is an increasingly common issue that companies can’t afford to ignore. In fact, 12.5 million working days were lost due to work-related stress, anxiety or depression in 2016/17...
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Four lessons around NHS absenteeism that are relevant to all businesses

22 November 2018

The NHS has been battling with the highest rates of absence of all business and organisational sectors for years. In 2017, the public health sector sickness absence rate was recorded as 3.3 per cent b...
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What motivates gig economy workers?

16 November 2018

HR is all about looking after the people in an organisation – and it’s tricky to do that if you don’t understand what makes them tick. By taking time to consider the motivation of different people in...
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Why flexible working is important for employees

12 November 2018

Flexible working is a popular concept. Powwownow, for example, found that three quarters of UK employees feel that the option of working flexibly would make a job more attractive. But do businesses do...
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The Absenteeism Report 2018: Free Download

05 November 2018

Absenteeism is said to cost the UK economy £18 billion a year. That fact alone requires it to be taken seriously. Yet, there’s a lot to get your head around. After all, this is a broad umbrella term t...
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AdviserPlus acquires HR transformation specialist Succeed and invests in HR software platform Elementsuite

23 October 2018

Limerston Capital-backed HR services group AdviserPlus, has today announced the acquisition of Succeed Consultancy and an investment in Elementsuite. The new deal will build on Limerston Capital’s str...
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Managing long term absence: An 11-step guide for HR

22 October 2018

Every absence needs to be carefully monitored and managed. While it’s impossible to expect that human beings will have no days off work, you can still try to minimise absence levels to cut disruption...
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Long term sickness absence dismissal: What employers need to know

22 October 2018

Managing people is not always easy. That’s why the skills and tools needed to really get to understand individuals in a business are so important and HR professionals are key to ensuring the smooth ru...
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World Mental Health Day: Why it’s important to you and your business

09 October 2018

With recent research revealing at least 30 percent of all recorded sick days are related to mental health conditions, World Mental Health Day is no less relevant to employers in 2018. This year’...
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