Stress and absenteeism in local government

11 February 2019

This can be a stressful time to be involved in local government as there are a myriad of challenges standing at the feet of council employees. These include, but are by no means limited to, the pressu...
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How to effectively manage capability procedures at work

11 February 2019

It’s important for businesses to have standards. Your reputation is made or lost on both the quality of the work you do and the way in which you carry it out. Ultimately, each individual in your organ...
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The HR Leadership Series: Maximising Technology and Analytics

07 February 2019

Technology could and should play a big role in understanding and managing the workforce effectively. But that’s sometimes easier said than done. In the latest episode of the HR Leadership Series, Lanc...
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How can the NHS get more from flexible working?

04 February 2019

HR leaders in the NHS understand the health service’s challenges better than anyone – so the promise of improved recruitment, productivity, wellbeing and morale should be welcome. But with safe staffi...
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The HR Leadership Series: Culture vs Performance

31 January 2019

What makes one business stand out from another? How do we actually value a business in a world in which culture plays a big part in defining that value? The latest episode in our HR Leadership Series...
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The HR Leadership Series: Generational Mindset

24 January 2019

How much is the changing face of the workplace driven by generational differences? Has the arrival of millennials changed the way we do business? That’s the topic of discussion for the latest episode...
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The HR Leadership Series: Flexible Working and Technology

17 January 2019

Just how flexible can a workplace really be when it comes to working hours and holidays? That’s the question under discussion in the third episode of our HR Leadership Series. HR expert Dr Anthony Hes...
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Pros and cons of robots in the workplace

15 January 2019

The prospect of robots playing a role in our lives is no longer the realm of science fiction films. Whether it’s on an industrial production line or as a customer interface in a department store or su...
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The HR Leadership Series: The Four-Day Week and Productivity

10 January 2019

Whether it’s to gain a better work/life balance, cut the commute or just a dislike of office life – there are many reasons why the modern worker likes the idea of flexible working. Thanks to tec...
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Employment laws and holidays: Knowing your employees’ rights

08 January 2019

Businesses need to think very carefully about how they look after their employees. While it’s tempting to focus your efforts on helping your workforce to make the most of their time in the office, it’...
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