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Pret wanted to uplift the capability and confidence of the senior leaders by refreshing their knowledge and skills, enabling them to have even more effective conversations with team members.

Pret a Manger is known for its strong cultural values – both internally and externally. At its UK Support Centre, it has around 150 line managers working with 350 employees to maintain that culture alongside a high standard of performance.

Prior to the programme, only 32% of senior leaders rated themselves as confident in the way they managed their people – so the training focused on the core management behaviours.



managers trained in essential people management skills.

“Through roleplay and other group activities, our managers had a great opportunity to share experiences and refine their knowledge and skills. The workshop has given them the confidence to have more effective and meaningful conversations.”

David Carter, UK People Director, Pret a Manger

The solution & benefits

Led by AdviserPlus’ Director of Learning Solutions, Pat Ashworth, the HR team ran a tailored Manager Essentials Workshop called ‘Managing People at 75B’.

The first part of the training focused on helping 150 of Pret’s managers understand their role, and how exactly it factors into the wider culture of 75B, examining their impact and how they can use their influence more effectively.

The practical aspects of the workshop were threefold:
1. Reviewing and discussing individual case examples
2. Reviewing and assessing videos of line management interactions
3. Working in small group practice sessions. These practical sections were all tailored specifically to Pret’s individual procedures and culture, drawing on real-world examples to give the line managers more relatable, relevant skills training.

The results

89% of managers now consider themselves confident at managing people

100% of managers rated the workshop as valuable

150 managers trained in essential people management skills

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