Lisa, take a look at the content below for tips on how to reduce the impact and risk of redundancies

Below you'll find a blog and webinar that I think you'll find useful and relevant for TRG following the recent announcement to close 100+ under-performing restaurants. We created them to provide businesses like TRG with guidance on best practice processes to help reduce the people impact and business risk of redundancies.

Contact me any time for a chat about how we might be able to support you and the rest of the TRG Team through the process.

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Enhancing manager capability Blog

The ‘People Process’: what is best practice?

Read our blog to learn about best practice process and important things to consider to reduce the impact it has on your employees.

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The people impact and risk that comes with running redundancy process

How you manage your people through a redundancy process will depend on a number of different factors and the way you do it doesn’t just impact those who will leave your business, it also matters to those who remain. In this short 20 minute webinar, we explore the people impact and risk to the business that come with running a redundancy process.

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Find out how AdviserPlus can support you through your restaurant closures with our consultancy services

Having a short-term requirement that must be delivered at pace when you don’t have the level of skilled HR professionals
available to support the change can be challenging. Find out how our team of HR professionals can support both your in-house HR team and restaurant managers with the redundancy process.

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About AdviserPlus

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