Welcome to our new personalised web pages

Hi Doug. Our new personalised web pages are ready to go. Anna and Ashleigh are going to start using these for outreach and I'll take the wider team through how to use them for sharing proposals and content with prospects and customers. Once you've had a go, it's pretty each to set up and I think they'll give us some real stand-out.

For further information please get in touch with:


Intro video on how to create a page

This short screen capture video shows you how to create a personalised page. I’ll walk you though it as well.

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PeopleSoft v 9.2 screenshot News

Example news or blog post

Here’s an example of a news or blog post that you could link to on our site.

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Example pdf download

This is a link to a PDF download – in this case a Deloitte report but could easily be a business proposal that we’ve put together for the prospect/client. Note, that we can password protect the page when sending proposals.

Download your proposal
Data insights Webinar

Webinar registration

An example of how you can add a webinar link with a personalised message explaining why it’s relevant.

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