Gender Pay Report


From 2017 onwards, any UK business employing more than 250 employees has to publicly report on its gender pay gap. The gender pay gap shows the difference in the average earnings between all men and women in an organisation.

AdviserPlus is committed to equal opportunity in recruitment and employment irrespective of gender. Our entire pay principles are based on the skills required to deliver in role and our desire to attract and retain talent within the organisation.

Our pay spans across all bands ranging from administrative to senior management. According to the Office of National Statistics, the overall UK mean gender pay gap is 18.1%. We are therefore proud that our gender pay gap is significantly below the national average, with AdviserPlus’ mean gender pay gap standing at 8% in April 2017.

Our analysis shows that our gender pay gap is largely attributed to a higher number of male employees working in the upper pay quartiles and fulfilling the higher paid technical/managerial roles. In addition, women tend to occupy proportionally more of the lower paid administrative and entry level roles.

We recognise that while our gender pay gap is significantly below the national average, we must continue to ensure that focus is maintained on this important area of equality. We are committed to maintaining gender balance throughout our business enabled by inclusive people policies and processes.


  • The mean gender pay gap is 8%
  • The median gender pay gap is 14.90%
  • The mean gender bonus gap is 57.60%
  • The median gender bonus gap is 0%
  • The proportion of male employees receiving a bonus is 35.10%
  • The proportion of female employees receiving a bonus is 33.10%

Employees by pay band (percentages)

Gender Lower quartile Lower middle quartile Upper middle quartile Upper quartile
Female 81.80 71.20 74.20 60
Male 18.20 28.80 25.80 40





I confirm that our data is accurate and has been calculated in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

Nick Bradley
Chief Executive Officer