Are your policies compliant, consistent and easy to understand?

Your HR policies play a key role in defining your organisation’s culture, ensuring your people are supported and protecting your business against risk.

But if your suite of HR policies are out-of-date, they could be doing your organisation more harm than good.

This simple assessment will help you decide if it’s time to review your policies:

  • Are your policies accessible by your employees and well understood?
  • Do you have effective processes in place to support them?
  • Is everything aligned with your company values?
  • Do your policies align with your overall business strategy?
  • Can you measure the impact of your policies?

If your answer is ‘no’ to any of these, our approach to HR policy review follows a three-step process, which we’ll tailor to match your organisation’s unique requirements.

“It was such a comprehensive process; the benchmarking service was invaluable in ensuring we could offer the most competitive packages and attract the very best talent for this exciting new venture; and having all HR policies written up in two weeks was an incredible help.”

Damian Pearce, University of Warwick


Step 1 - Understanding your needs

For some organisations we’ll create a whole new suite of policies, for others, we’ll update or harmonise policies that are already in place. Your consultant will run a one-day discovery session with your HR team to identify your challenges and how we can help.

We’ll also:

  • Carry out a legal compliance assessment to ensure you’re managing risk effectively
  • Review and benchmark against your industry peers to highlight areas for improvement
our solutions - advice and support - policy and document services - stage 1

Step 2 - Creating, rewriting and harmonising your policies

If your consultant identifies a need for new policies, they’ll focus on understanding your HR strategy to ensure everything we create is in line with your organisation’s values and objectives. Your dedicated AdviserPlus team will then build a comprehensive suite of clear, succinct and engaging policy documents from scratch.

We’ll recommend rewriting one or more policies if:

  • They’re no longer legally compliant
  • They don’t align with your values or objectives
  • The documents lack clarity or there’s an opportunity for business efficiencies
  • We’ll then redesign your policies in line with best practice to ensure they’re compliant, aligned with your organisation’s culture and strategy, and easy to understand.

If your organisation is aiming to harmonise a varied suite of policies, we’ll help you produce comprehensive, streamlined policy documents that apply to all your employees.

our solutions - advice and support - policy and document services - stage 2

Step 3 - Delivering engagement support

Our team can also help you roll out your new policies across your organisation, with:

  • Training sessions (remotely or onsite)
  • Organisation-wide communications via our eComm platform
  • Supporting documents such as letters and checklists
  • Practical guidance for managers and employees
  • A bespoke knowledge portal website to host all policies and templates
  • Ongoing support, maintenance and analytics
Leadership coach presenting to a room full of managers

We understand that every business is unique and so the scope may be as broad or narrow as you require, including:

  • Some or all of your HR policies
  • Harmonisation where there is a varied suite of policies
  • Supporting documentation (e.g. letter templates)
  • Staff handbook

The output may include:

  • A best practice and legally compliant policy set
  • Supporting documents
  • Manager / employee guides
  • Training sessions
  • Support for briefing any changes back into your people
  • Ongoing support, maintenance and analytics

To ensure that all of your policies:

  • Expose your business to no risk
  • Align with your values, culture and business objectives
  • Are legally compliant with UK legislation and regulation
  • Are aligned with best practice.

To plug any gaps you have in your policy set or supporting documents e.g. letter templates.

To have the best set of policies to get the best out of your people.

Get Help Writing Compliant, Best Practice HR Policies

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