Why invest in HR technology?

28 March 2019

All businesses, understandably, have to weigh up their priorities. Very few firms have a bottomless pit of cash and that means they need to weigh up where to spend their budget. This is why it’s impor...
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RNIB achieves Disability Confident Level 3

27 March 2019

The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) has been accredited as a Level 3 Disability Confident employer by AdvisorPlus. Achieving Level 3 of the Department of Work and Pensions’ initiative...
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How to implement flexible working successfully

13 March 2019

Flexible working is becoming an increasingly popular topic of discussion. It’s no wonder when studies show just one third of UK workers are happy with their work-life balance, but a mere 6% of job adv...
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10 important ways data and technology are transforming HR

06 March 2019

Right now, a whole raft of technologies are converging to elevate HR from back-office cost centre to its rightful place, leading the charge for business performance. Here are the ten biggest opportuni...
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AdviserPlus helps Leeds Marriott Hotel lead the way in being Disability Confident

01 March 2019

Leeds Marriott Hotel is a 244 bedroom hotel in the heart of Leeds and is one of over 6,700 properties as part of the Marriott International Global footprint. They have achieved the highest level of th...
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Planning your HR transformation: 4 key questions many leaders miss

25 February 2019

With organisations under ever-increasing pressure to deliver productivity improvements, it’s no wonder so many leaders leap into HR transformation, without dedicating the time to plan out a clear path...
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The HR Leadership Series: ROI vs Talent

22 February 2019

People are the biggest asset in a business, but how do you know how that asset is performing? Using data and analytics to fully understand the performance of your people is fast becoming the hallmark...
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Seven reasons why wellbeing is important in the workplace

21 February 2019

Wellbeing is a topic that is increasingly being taken seriously by workplaces across the UK. In 2016, fewer than a third of businesses had their own wellbeing strategy – a number that had jumped...
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The HR Leadership Series: HR and Strategic Thinking

14 February 2019

Modern HR leaders are increasingly being called upon to think and act strategically to play a key role in shaping the identity and working practices of a business. This trend comes under the microscop...
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Stress and absenteeism in local government

11 February 2019

This can be a stressful time to be involved in local government as there are a myriad of challenges standing at the feet of council employees. These include, but are by no means limited to, the pressu...
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