Scalable learning and development programmes to sustainably drive line manager performance and capability.

Our award-winning team of specialists, each with an extensive background in HR and learning and  development, design and deliver tailored courses for line managers that focus on the key competencies and behaviours required to develop effective people management skills. We’ve helped thousands of leaders, managers and individuals drive business success through improving people management skills and performance.

All of our courses include materials and takeaways, and can be delivered:

  • in classroom settings face-to-face,
  • via webinar, or
  • through live remote delivery.

Our courses range from one hour to two days, depending on the content of the course and your requirements. We can work with you to design a course that best suits your needs.

The training we provide

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Managing People and Teams

Our Managing People and Teams courses will enable your people managers to become great leaders

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Managing Formal Process

Our Managing Formal Process courses will help your people managers manage conflict effectively

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Managing Mental Health

Our Managing Mental Health courses will give your managers the capability and confidence to deal effectively with mental health issues

Studio logo“It’s so refreshing when a partner organisation just ‘gets’ your business and knows what will make the most difference to people.”

Collette King, HR Director, Studio

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Bradford Council logo“The feedback from the sessions has been excellent – very, very positive. Our managers have appreciated the fact that it’s very practical and very hands-on.”

Kerry Pelowski, Senior HR Business Partner, Bradford Council

Disability Confident Leaders

We were the first Disability Confident Leader in the UK and have accredited more than 20 organisations. Get in touch or download our service overview to find out more about Disability Confident. You can also watch our video from the DWPs mental health awareness launch event.

Become Disability Confident

Ask our experts

Our course facilitators are what makes us different from other training providers. With more than 25 years’ experience in coaching and developing people, in both the public and private sectors, our experts have an extensive track record in talent management, executive coaching, leadership development, mental health and wellbeing. With a wealth of HR professionals with considerable B2B experience at both strategic and operational levels across many sectors and multi-site operations, our team’s delivery style is aligned with such values.

There’s no single thing that will tell you that your organisation has a need for mental health training, but there could be signs – such as presenteeism (where people come to work when they are unwell and operate ineffectively), lower than expected productivity, or long-term or repeat absence among the same colleagues. However, we do know that mental ill-health is the biggest cause of workplace absences in the UK and because of that many more businesses are investing in training. From our own research, we found that 50% of HR professionals said investing in mental health training and awareness would help them persuade their Board to take the issue more seriously. We are working with a number of clients to help them address mental health and long-term absence, running training sessions to better equip line managers in this area.

Our starting point is aligned with our view of best practice. However, we will always work closely with you to explore your critical business requirements and identify issues that drive the need for enhanced capability and behavioural change. We would be happy to work with you to tailor a course that best suits your needs.

We have adapted our training to work around the challenges of COVID-19. All of our courses include takeaways and can be delivered in classroom settings face-to-face; through live remote delivery, or via webinar.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training is usually for a select group of  people in your business to become a point of support for managers and colleagues. While they’re not intended to be clinicians, they’ll be well-versed in all current mental health support services and resources, so the training is in-depth and covers the whole mental health spectrum.

Mental health awareness is ‘lighter touch’ training designed to help managers identify the early signs of distress and give them practical tools and techniques they can apply in the workplace. It can also be adapted for all colleagues, giving them an awareness overview and focusing on stress, anxiety, depression and suicide.

We can help quantify the impact of HR training and development using metrics such as improved performance, reduced absence, cost savings, and more capable and confident managers. Our proactive support services in areas such as mental health and performance improvement have demonstrated significant return on investment for many clients.

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