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I noticed you have been engaging with our content and as we are looking to work with more organisations in your industry, I have pulled together some blogs, case studies, guides and webinars below which I think you may find interesting. We've helped companies such as Bradford Council and Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust to reduce HR costs and drive business performance through tailored solutions that combine our expert people, technology and data analytics.

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Case Study

Bradford Council creates a culture of performance improvement

Read about how we supported another council to cut to disciplinary case duration by 66%, reduce grievance case duration by 60% and decrease short-term absences that resulted in formal procedures.

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Workshop Overview

Mental Health Awareness Workshops with AdviserPlus

Our Mental Health Awareness training provides managers with a greater knowledge of mental health in the workplace, how to spot the signs of mental health and build confidence in having difficult conversations.

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Enhancing manager capability Workshop Overview

Mental Health First Aid Certifications

This workshop builds on our Mental Health Awareness training and provides businesses with more specialist skills and a formal certification from MHFA England.

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Data and Technology helping HR people using tech Webinar

Managing employee absence with the power of management information

We recently launched a webinar that explores how Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust has reduced staff absence through the use of HR data analytics, to forecast absence and deliver targeted line manager training.


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Stress and absenteeism in local government

This can be a stressful time to be involved in local government as there are a myriad of challenges standing at the feet of council employees. These include, but are by no means limited to, the pressures that come with Brexit, the headache of austerity, the acute need for more housing and better care and also the ever-present scrutiny from the general public and auditors.


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The Absenteeism Report: Causes, consequences and cures

Absence is something that all businesses have to face up to. The simple fact is that companies employ human beings and, naturally, they will need time off. Yet, as the old business cliché goes, ‘time is money’ and time lost to absence can prove a big drag on productivity and, therefore, the amount of money brought in.

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