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Aldermore Bank is one of the most successful challenger banks of recent years, experiencing year-on-year growth since its foundation 2009.

By 2017 Aldermore employed around 200 line managers, all varying in management responsibility. The HR team recognised that many of these line managers required additional HR skills and expertise to effectively handle the wide range of people management matters they faced on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, the Bank’s policies were not as clear as they needed to be and were difficult to find, making it difficult to understand how to apply them in practice.


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Our partnership with AdviserPlus is helping us simplify our systems, improve employee engagement, and change our culture. We have access to more data, allowing us to identify potential issues much earlier and address challenges before they become issues. Most importantly, it has given the internal HR team the time and space they need to provide greater strategic focus to the business.

Rob Divall, Group HR Director, , Aldermore Bank

The AdviserPlus solution

The HR team conducted a year-long listening exercise with colleagues from across the Bank to understand how the current HR support model could be improved. This showed that the Bank needed to provide greater access to advice and support and introduce simpler processes if they were to enable line managers to manage HR issues effectively.

Aldermore now uses a team of AdviserPlus advisers to provide HR support to its line managers, with additional help available from the internal HR team if needed. This is complemented by an online knowledge portal, containing all company HR policies and procedures in easy-to-understand language, with clear step-by-step guidance on how to handle issues and manage cases effectively.

Since AdviserPlus has partnered with the Bank, a genuine partnership has been created. AdviserPlus is recognised as helping provide employees with the same standard of high service that the Banks provides to its external customers.

The results

Line managers are well equipped to make their own decisions

Increased confidence with advice and guidance easily available

A seamless extension of the internal HR team

A strategic partnership developed

Areas for training and further investment, easily identified through data capture

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