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To maintain its high-quality training support, the group offered employment contracts to more than a thousand of its self-employed fitness trainers – almost trebling the company’s workforce. In total, more than 5,000 documents needed to be validated.

Key Fact


new staff onboarded in just 26 weeks.

I don’t know who else could have done this. Other companies are note-takers, and AdviserPlus offer a lot more. I thought ‘if anyone can do it, it’s going to be these guys!’ I didn’t need to have a plan B. AdviserPlus were so aligned with our culture, the gym managers thought they were an extension of our own HR team.

Lucy Entwistle, Head of People, The Gym Group

The AdviserPlus solution

Recruiting trainers on an employment basis meant the Gym could offer more employment benefits and learning and development opportunities to its trainers. This firm foundation would then enable the company to align its people into a single, consistent team.

Once the announcement had been made, the recruitment needed to happen quickly – first an interview process and then then onboarding more than 1,000 new staff. To ensure compliance, each new hire needed five key documents including insurance evidence and first aid qualifications. Each one needed to be carefully checked – more work than the Gym Group’s own HR team could handle without them neglecting other work.

The team at AdviserPlus worked with the general managers at more than 150 gyms – guiding them to upload the documents through a secure, cloud-based system, then validating each document in detail.

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The Gym Group case study

The results

5,000 documents validated

150 gym managers supported

26 weeks to onboard 1,056 employees

Transfer of documents through secure, cloud-based system

Complete GDPR compliance

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