C-Suite & HR: Aligning employee relations priorities for better business outcomes

Nicole Currie

Written By Nicole Currie

12th March 2024

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Bridging the gap: Aligning understanding on the value of employee relations transformation

Recent research reveals a significant difference in opinion between HR professionals and C-suite executives regarding the priority business leaders put on employee relations transformation.

Despite HR’s emphasis on its importance, many C-suite leaders seem out of sync with this perspective. This disconnect could lead to insufficient resources for crucial HR investments, ultimately impacting the employee experience and performance.

Outdated processes in employee relations can have far-reaching consequences. Not only can they contribute to high turnover and reputational damage, but negative feedback from disgruntled ex-employees can also hinder the organisation’s ability to attract top talent, so prioritising employee relations transformation is essential for an organisation’s long-term success.

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The evidence is clear: Investing in employee relations is crucial

Effective employee relations management is at the heart of a successful organisation, with insights from employee relations data providing a window to organisational health, yet many organisations are yet to leverage its true potential.

Despite recognition of the importance of the employee relations function, investment is not aligned. The data speaks for itself:

  • 81% of HR managers believe employee relations is important to leaders, compared to only 68% of the C-suite.
  • 21% of C-suite executives perceive employee relations as less important compared to other HR functions, while only 13% of HR professionals share this view.

Aligning HR and C-suite priorities on employee relations transformation is crucial to driving business success through a more engaged workforce and strategic HR initiatives. This includes investing in effective digital transformation tools to support HR strategies, leading to:

  • Enhanced employee morale, productivity and engagement.
  • Reduced turnover and increased profitability, especially in challenging economic times.
  • Better insights to support a data-driven approach to improving employee experiences

employee relations analyticsEmpowering and supporting managers with the right employee relations case management software, resources and guided journeys can revolutionise employee relations processes, leading to shorter case durations, fewer employment tribunals and a better employee experience. This translates to higher job satisfaction, lower turnover, and ultimately, increased profitability.

Investing in employee relations transformation is an investment in your company’s success. This can be achieved through innovative, self-service technology, training and manager empowerment.

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Unlock business transformation through proactive HR strategies

Are you a leader in HR looking to drive business transformation within your organisation? Proactive engagement with leaders is key. Showcase the tangible benefits of investing in the best HR solutions and employee relations case management software:

  • Measuring the return on investment: Share evidence with top executives on how initiatives like employee relations transformation can boost employee engagement, reduce turnover rates and increase productivity. These metrics speak volumes to decision-makers.
  • Illustrating positive outcomes: Demonstrate the value with peer insights. Share success stories of how HR technology has driven positive outcomes for similar organisations.
  • Tailored communications: When communicating with the C-suite, tailor your message to their priorities. Highlight how investing in employee relations transformation can impact overall business objectives. It’s not just about HR, it’s about the bottom line.

Embrace proactive HR strategies and empower your organisation to achieve lasting transformation.

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Employee relations 2.0: Overcoming the investment gap to drive an ROI revolution

Investing in employee relations unlocks your organisation’s full potential, driving sustainable growth and business success.

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