empower® simplifies employee relations case management processes

Our award-winning HR software gives HR and line managers easy access to the right employee relations case management tools, making it easier than ever to track and manage cases securely and effectively. Your team leaders become empowered to make important decisions, driving employee engagement, productivity, risk management, and data-driven strategic planning. Book a discovery call to learn more.

Iceland: Adviser Plus provide Iceland with their HR employee relations management software - logo“It’s so intuitive. It’s built around how HR advice is actually provided. We’re not fitting around the software; the software fits around us”.

Ann Haydock, Head of HR Advisory Services, Iceland Foods

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Empower them with award-winning case management software

Experience the transformative power of our award-winning case management software, seamlessly enhancing productivity and communication through real-time updates and notifications, while empowering your team to achieve unprecedented efficiency. From tracking case progress to managing sickness absence, grievances and disciplinary actions, our solution revolutionises the way you manage HR cases elevating your organisation’s performance.

Equipped with advanced HR technology, your team can work smarter, improve efficiency, and deliver exceptional service to clients. By automating tasks and reducing errors, you’ll see better returns on your investment.

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Simplify your HR processes

Simplify your business operations by moving away from ticketing systems and Excel spreadsheets. Streamlined workflows eliminate manual, outdated tasks, making employee relations case management more straightforward. This empowers managers to access information, complete tasks, and resolve common employee issues without HR intervention, all within a user-friendly system.

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Proactive case resolution

Take charge of potential people issues early on with specialised tools designed by industry experts with over 25 years experience in the industry. Leverage data and insights to enhance decision-making, streamline processes, and efficiently handle any people matters or concerns. This creates a positive work environment which equips your organisation to navigate economic challenges successfully.

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Maximise the ROI of HR

Leverage innovative HR tech to automate routine tasks, free up HR time, and boost productivity. Enable proactive conversations in areas like sickness absence, reducing absenteeism and costs. Utilise data insights for resource allocation, enhance the employee experience with self-service features, and mitigate risks through compliance tracking. Experience the benefits: an engaged workforce, cost savings, and reduced HR dependency.

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Enhance business agility

Empower managers with self-service tools around the clock to enable quick responses to business demands and challenges, even outside of HR’s availability. This strategy guarantees that your business stays adaptable and responsive, prepared to seize market changes and emerging prospects, ultimately boosting employee engagement and ensuring long-term success.

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Prevent HR burnout

Transform your management approach to enable your organisation to streamline processes and enhances efficiency which plays a crucial role in reducing HR burnout. By automating repetitive tasks and providing tools for streamlined case management and employee support, HR professionals can allocate more time to what they are truly passionate about: supporting the organisation’s people strategy.

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Reduce risk & tribunal claims

Support your managers with secure guidance and automated tools to confidently handle people matters, minimising errors and empowering them to address people matters before involving HR. Case documentation is securely stored, ensuring compliance and safeguarding the organisation against risks. Automated workflows and templates simplify processes, and reduce case cycle times while mitigating the risk of siloed data.

Process Manager

Process Manager is an innovative, built-for-purpose employee relations process management engine for both HR and line managers. It simplifies HR case management processes. This will contribute to streamlining high-quality service delivery and creating efficiencies.

  • Managers can confidently handle people matters without introducing risk by guiding them through tailored, digital journeys in your employee relations processes, following best practices developed by industry experts.
  • Managers are prompted to take action at the appropriate times and can involve HR when necessary, especially in cases of complexity or heightened risk such as grievances.
  • A comprehensive audit trail of every action and decision ensures that human resources processes are executed correctly and in compliance with regulations which mitigates risk.
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Knowledge Manager

Transforming employee relations policies, processes, and procedures has never been easier.

  • Intuitive flowchart-driven guides enable managers to seamlessly navigate people matters at any time, even outside typical working hours.
  • Continuous support ensures assistance is available for personnel, particularly valuable for businesses operating 24/7.
  • Enhancing line manager engagement, confidence, and capability reduces HR policy inquiries, streamlining operations, and saving valuable time.



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Document Manager

Our Document Manager solution automates employee relations processes to facilitate clear and timely correspondence. The platform seamlessly generates letters from templates, integrating employee relations case data for accuracy.

  • Generate auto-populated HR templates to swiftly create tailored documents for each case, ensuring consistency and compliance.
  • Implement timely action triggers to facilitate efficient collaboration between managers and HR, ensuring consistency and compliance.
  • Support the production of case-related documentation, such as activating a letter trigger for sickness absence.


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HR document management software

Find out how our HR case management tools benefited our customers

Wickes team members

Wickes case study

empower® transformed employee relations for a leading UK home improvement retailer, Wickes, with actionable insights. They achieved a remarkable 50% reduction in tribunal claims and their transformation won the Digital HR and Technology Award at the 2023 Personnel Today Awards.

Currys retailer

Currys case study

empower® has facilitated 88% of all tasks related to managing employee relations to be self-served by line managers. Line manager empowerment was achieved within 3 months of launch and with more time to focus on strategy, HR was able to complete an Equality Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy overhaul.


Sainsbury's case study

Over a 12-month period, line managers successfully managed 63% of employee relations cases without HR intervention. 70% of short-term sickness cases are now self-served with automated tasks and alerts, ensuring a proactive approach to sickness absence management, improving efficiency and reducing the cost of sickness management.

Frequently asked questions

empower® is configurable and handles this with ease:

  • We can either configure different processes relating to the same policy, or branch a process to handle more subtle nuances. We can also ensure that a manager navigates the right process and views the appropriate content aligned to the employee case subject.
  • We can host different views of the content and configuration in different brands, and ensure that users view the solution in the appropriate brand for them.

We have designed empower® to support an HR transformation journey and we recognise that each organisation starts in a different place in terms of its confidence in giving managers control of cases. We fully expect the configuration of the service will evolve as your:

  • HR strategy changes;
  • HR service operating model evolves; and
  • Line managers show greater confidence and capability in managing people matters independently of HR.

We work in partnership with you to make sure we evolve the configuration of the system over time to support these aims. Such change is quick and easy to achieve.

Every organisation that we work with is different, but in our experience the empower® solution may be mobilised and embedded within an organisation’s ways of working within 3-5 months. Factors that impact the pace of implementation include:

  • Your readiness and resourcing for the project;
  • Number of in-scope policies, policy variants and different brands;
  • Number of launch phases.

Find out more about how we ensure a smooth and successful implementation, here.

empower®  is typically accessed via a form of single sign-on (SSO) for optimum user experience.

We support most forms of SSO, including SAML 2.0 and AD. If, for any reason, you are unable to set up SSO, we can provide access through manual login (username and password).

Find out more about how empower® connects with your technology, here.

empower® is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud in the UK. We provide offer geo-replication between Microsoft’s South and West England hosting centres. Our technologies are subject to regular independent third party penetration tests, as well as performance testing to ensure our services scale to meet our largest clients’ demands. All maintenance is undertaken by ourselves and the technology solution is subject to a programme of continuous improvement, drawing its requirements and priorities from market analysis, customer engagement and user inputs.


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