Colleague Spotlight – Kath Harris

Stephanie Thomas

Written By Stephanie Thomas

11th April 2024

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Celebrating Kath’s 20 years’ at AdviserPlus

Reaching a milestone like 20 years’ of service is a remarkable achievement that deserves recognition.

In an era where job hopping is common, Kath’s loyalty speaks volumes about AdviserPlus’s ability to create a workplace culture where employees feel valued, supported, and motivated to stay for the long term. It’s clear we’ve been doing something right—whether it’s offering opportunities for professional development, creating a collaborative team environment, or simply recognising and appreciating the contributions of our employees. Congratulations Kath, here’s to many more happy years!

AdviserPlus and the Empowering People Group can help you.

AdviserPlus are part of the Empowering People Group and as a group we provide a range of acclaimed learning and coaching services, spanning from manager empowerment and mental health first aid to employment law training. Our offerings include facilitated workshops, personalised coaching sessions, and digital learning options. These bespoke learning and development solutions are crafted to suit your organization’s needs, empowering your workforce to achieve their utmost potential. Get in touch to discuss how we can help.

Want to join the team?

There are so many great career opportunities at AdviserPlus and, as Karoline’s story proves, we’re really committed to giving our colleagues the opportunity to develop themselves. This commitment is based on the belief that the performance of our business is directly linked to the skills, development and performance of our people.

If, like Karoline, you’re looking for an exciting career in a people-centric organisation with great benefits, we are always looking for enthusiastic and talented people. Check out our Careers page on our website.

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