Colleague spotlight: Meet Megan Whalley, HR Technical Consultant.

Amy Owens

Written By AdviserPlus

31st March 2021

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Our Colleague Spotlight this week is on, Megan Whalley, one of our HR Technical Consultants, who  has experienced every advisory role at AdviserPlus, having started off as a university graduate and working her way up through the ranks. Here she explains more about her role and why she enjoys it so much.

Tell us a bit about your background, and why you started working at AdviserPlus?

I joined AdviserPlus in 2015, straight out of University, really it was my first ‘real job’. I studied Events Management and worked in retail while I was doing my degree, so I had no prior experience in HR. A friend of mine worked at AdviserPlus so I already had an idea of what the culture was like. It’s a lovely, friendly place to work and the business is really supportive with regards to career progression. I was keen to begin a career in HR so it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me.

I started on the Client Relationship Co-ordination team, providing first response to advice line clients and supporting the advisory team, and have worked my way up through the Advisory team: HR Assistant, Senior HR Assistant, Adviser, Senior Adviser and I’ve been in this role, as HR Technical Consultant, for about a year. I completed my CIPD in 2016 and am currently doing a Master’s degree in Employment Law, which I absolutely love. Being in lockdown has made it easier to find time to study.

What does your role entail and what do you enjoy most about it? 

The main aspect of my role is making sure that our advisers are supported. I’m an escalation point for any queries that they might have on more complex cases, to ensure that our advice and guidance is always legally compliant and in alignment with the business’ stance.

I love my role, it’s so diverse and I never know what my work day will look like, as new things and new projects always crop up. In a typical day I’m on hand to review quality within the advisory space, and to ensure that any client queries are reviewed and responded to. I support our clients with upcoming projects and implementing their policy changes and educate advisers on these.

I love working with clients and building excellent relationships to deliver the best level of service. I don’t feel like we’re a separate business to our clients, it just feels as though we’re all one HR team. I also get a lot of job satisfaction from upskilling and supporting colleagues through their own personal development. We have a really supportive approach at AdviserPlus so I love helping those colleagues progress and develop their skills to make them stronger advisers.

What do you think the biggest challenges are for HR at the moment? 

COVID remains the biggest challenge for the HR industry. Line managers need to constantly adapt and evolve to the changes they’re facing, and with increased absence levels it’s seemingly difficult to juggle operational plans and efficiency. That being said, our clients have been amazing in COVID communications, they have plans in place and are really making the advisers’ jobs easier.

What would you say is your biggest professional accomplishment to-date? 

I’m really proud of my career growth. I started working at AdviserPlus at the age of 21, and within six years I have progressed through the ranks at quite a rapid pace. Outside of work I’m proud of my educational growth. Fingers crossed, when I complete my master’s degree, I’ll have had three graduations by this time next year.

Finally, can you tell us an interesting/ little known fact about yourself? 

I love travelling and in October 2019, I travelled around the West coast of Australia with five others, in a campervan. I’ve also jumped into crocodile infested waters and sat in a snake pen filled with huge black snakes in Thailand!




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