Colleague spotlight: meet Nina Ryan, Insight Analyst at AdviserPlus

Nicole Currie

Written By Nicole Currie

11th May 2023

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Nina, an aspiring individual, balanced her role as a carer across residential, private, and personal settings while pursuing a degree in Mathematics through the Open University. Alongside her studies, she dedicated her time as a volunteer with local mental health support charities, demonstrating her compassionate nature.

After successfully completing her university education in 2020, Nina made the decision to transition from her caregiving role and embark on a professional path that would align with the skills she had cultivated throughout her academic journey.

In 2021, Nina’s determination led her to secure a position as an Apprentice Data Analyst at AdviserPlus. With her strong work ethic and analytical mindset, she quickly proved her worth and recently graduated from her apprenticeship with an outstanding distinction, further validating her dedication and competence in the field. Read Nina’s responses below to see how she feels about her experience at AdviserPlus.

Tell us a little bit about your background?

“I worked as a carer in residential, private, and personal settings while studying for a degree in Mathematics with the Open University. Additionally, I volunteered with local mental health support charities. In 2020, I graduated from university and left my role as a carer to pursue a career that aligned with the skills I had been developing throughout my education. In 2021, I was hired by AdviserPlus as an Apprentice Data Analyst, and I have recently graduated with a distinction.”

What is your job role at AdviserPlus?

“My role initially began in data quality. However, as I progressed through the apprenticeship, I discovered that my true passion was data insight analysis. AdviserPlus had faith in me and facilitated my move into the role of Insight Data Analyst, where I feel I am now thriving. I collect data from our data warehouses, validate and clean it, analyse it, and produce visualisations and insights that are then presented to our clients. The areas of insight I have provided include case volumes, knowledge portal usage, call data, absence rates, and empower® task completion.”

What made you want to join the team at AdviserPlus?

“Initially, it was the apprenticeship that drew me to AdviserPlus. I felt that I needed an opportunity to develop basic working skills without the expectation or pressure to succeed too quickly. I had no experience working in an office, a 9-5 working week, or in data analytics itself. Therefore, doing an apprenticeship would give me the opportunity to receive that exposure and develop those skills in a structured and supportive environment. However, I was also attracted to the hybrid working, flexible hours, and friendly nature of the staff.”

What does your job entail and what do you enjoy most about it?

“I absolutely love my job and everything about it! From the hybrid work setup that allows me to spend most of my days with my beloved cats, to the amazing team of friendly staff and supportive managers, there’s so much to be grateful for. But the best part? Without a doubt, it’s analysing data. To me, it’s like unravelling a thrilling mystery. It is an exhilarating experience sifting through data clues to find the answers our clients’ need.”

Has your career developed throughout your time at AdviserPlus?

“My career hasn’t been so much developed as it has been made at AdviserPlus. When I joined 18 months ago, I had never even used Outlook. Now, I’m confident in writing complex SQL code, using Power BI, as well as the standard Microsoft applications.”

Have AdviserPlus assisted you through your personal and professional development?

“The entire MI team at AdviserPlus has been supportive throughout my journey. Many individuals have contributed to my development, providing valuable support to help me reach my goals.”

What would you say is your biggest professional accomplishment to-date?

“Achieving a distinction in my apprenticeship is my biggest professional achievement. It was a goal I set for myself, but never expected to reach. With the right support and hard work, anything is possible. I am grateful to AdviserPlus for the opportunity, the MI Team for their support, and Michael Campbell, Commercial Director, for trusting me with this important role. I hope I have made them proud!”

What part of your role provides you with the most gratification?

“It’s no secret that the most thrilling part of my job is solving the mystery. When a stakeholder suspects that AdviserPlus is making a positive impact on our clients, there’s nothing more exhilarating than uncovering a robust answer. It’s not just about solving the puzzle, but also about the gratification of providing concrete evidence of our hard work and dedication. It’s moments like these that make me truly excited to come into work every day.”

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