An HR Revolution: The Era of People-Empowerment

A thought-provoking discussion into the fundamentals that need to be in place to create healthier organisations that thrive through people-first strategies.

We were joined by our partners in the Empowering People Group, Halborns and Working Transitions, alongside boutique HR consultants, LACE Partners for this exciting discussion.

Although the HR function has always been critical to business operations, the pandemic demonstrated how it was central to facilitating new ways of working and new channels of engagement. The momentum created now needs to be harnessed to position HR at the heart of business success.

We shared valuable insights into:

  • Successful people-empowered business transformation
  • Empowering managers to nurture the emotional commitment employees have with the organisation
  • Implementing contemporary policies that engage your workforce
  • Putting technology to work where it enables people to be more human

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