Colleague Spotlight: Emma Jones’ career journey

Stephanie Thomas

Written By Stephanie Thomas

10th July 2024

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Meet Emma and read more about her AdviserPlus career journey

At AdviserPlus, we prioritise investing in our people’s professional growth. Our fully-funded development Adviser roles are a great example of this commitment. These roles offer practical experience while supporting our team members in their career journey by earning their CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma in People Management.

Take Emma, for instance. She started with AdviserPlus with a clear interest in HR and a goal to advance in her career. Through our development programme, she gained the skills and knowledge needed to excel. Now, as a Senior HR Adviser, Emma’s journey showcases how dedication and the right support can lead to significant career advancements.

Emma’s progress highlights how by focusing on continuous learning and strong support systems, we ensure our team members thrive and contribute effectively in their roles.

Read more in Emma’s colleague spotlight about her experience and see how AdviserPlus can support your HR career growth.

Emma’s experience highlights the practical benefits of focussing on training and development for your team. Research shows 70% of HR and C-suite professionals believe their managers lack effective training in people management. Given today’s recruitment challenges and high turnover rates, prioritising upskilling managers as compassionate leaders is crucial.

In an ever-evolving workplace landscape, equipping managers with the necessary skills and technology to lead effectively and empathetically can make a significant difference. Not only does this investment improve employee retention and satisfaction, but it also enhances overall organisational performance.

To discuss, in more detail how to invest in your teams development, contact us for a free consultation now.


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