Considering Redundancies?

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Challenging times can result in difficult decisions. When forced to consider redundancies, the impact across all levels of an organisation can be far reaching. Providing the right support – to ensure that correct processes are followed, that HR teams are properly supported and that affected individuals are given the best possible chance to secure the right next step for them – can have a positive and lasting effect.

Many business leaders are facing tough people decisions that even in ‘normal’ times they would find difficult.  This unique webinar explores redundancy from three perspectives:

  • Employment law
  • HR process and communications
  • The people impact

We’ll provide practical tips, guidance and solutions to help you navigate through the current complexity to understand where the risks are hiding and achieve the best possible outcome for your organisation and the people in it.

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Halborns – Furlough and redundancy: cutting through the complexity

Redundancies are challenging at the best of times, with the current pandemic and furlough only adding another layer of complexity. Securing straight-talking advice and support throughout the process ensures the mitigation of risk whilst supporting the achievement of your end goal.  Ginny Hallam, Director of Halborns, will outline your options for handling the process during furlough including:

  • what adjustments you need to make to maintain a fair process
  • which employees do or don’t stay on furlough
  • conducting remote consultation meetings and the right to a companion

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AdviserPlus – Preparation and best practice

While we all hope that redundancy is a last resort, it pays to be prepared – a clear process ensures that people are treated with dignity and respect through what is inevitably an unsettling time.

It’s important to keep the real, human impact of redundancy in your mind throughout the process – managing the process well and getting your communications right can mitigate risk and be reassuring for all concerned. Yvonne Wilcock, Managing Director of AdviserPlus, will explain the importance of:

  • a best practice process that will give you confidence that the people impacts of your business change are clear
  • why you must apply a fair and reasonable approach to engaging those who are impacted by change
  • supporting your managers through the process.

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Working Transitions – Supporting individuals and providing choice

This is a tough time to lose your job, everyone responds differently to change and needs and circumstances will vary widely. Providing your exiting employees with help to deal with the emotions they experience, fully assess the options available to them and move forward with confidence is more critical than ever before.

When faced with the painful reality of making redundancies, offering an outplacement support programme can be a lifeline providing cost effective, meaningful support in a way that also protects your employer brand.

When budgets are being squeezed it’s important to ensure that not only do you get maximum value for money but also that the support your people receive is flexible and relevant to an employment market that is likely to be impacted by the after effects of the pandemic for some time.

Lynne Hardman, CEO of Working Transitions will highlight:

  • The business case for outplacement
  • The importance of flexibility and choice
  • The questions to ask providers to get the best value for your organisation.

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