HR Tech Trends 2019

Keeping pace with technology isn’t easy for businesses – yet it’s necessary if they want to be able to capitalise on the opportunities it presents. New hardware and software has revolutionised the world of work in recent times – and it’s a revolution that shows no sign of ending.

As businesses explore where to invest in technology for maximum return in 2019, we look at the tech trends that are changing the way we do HR right now.

Our infographic shows:

  • The push to bridge HR’s digital skills gap
  • Changing attitudes to AI
  • How tech is making recruitment quicker
  • The impact of GDPR
  • How VR is helping training
  • The impact of tech on performance management
  • The rise of self-service
  • The growing importance of wellbeing

See below now for our infographic which shows the key stats that explain the trends or – for more – see our new eBook that explores this in detail.


HR Tech Trends Infographic

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