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HR Transformation Conundrum research paper

This insightful HR Transformation Conundrum research paper explores the drivers of HR transformation and the barriers to success. It will be interesting to anyone planning or undertaking HR transformation.

HR Transformation Conundrum research by Adviserpluse

What are the key drivers for HR transformation?

The ability for HR to give more ownership of people matters to line managers was one of the key priorities uncovered by our research, but with them already consumed by the day-to-day, it can seem like a barrier to successful transformation.

However, by giving line managers the right tools and resources you can empower them to manage employee relations issues confidently and consistently across your organisation whilst minimising the risk.

The research surfaces some key insights from a survey of 220 business and HR leaders including:

  1. 70% are either undertaking or planning HR transformation within the next year
  2. 65% say HR transformation has been delayed due to potential barriers
  3. There is a disconnect between the priorities of the C-suite and HR managers that may stall transformation success.

Read this research paper to learn more.

HR Conundrum research paper AdviserPlus

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