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The impact of introducing and implementing a new IT system into an organisation should not be under-estimated.

It’s a change like any other and will likely invoke a range of emotions – from fear, anxiety and panic, to excitement and enthusiasm.

When it comes to making important changes to HR Technology – with the added complexity of future-proofing organisational HR needs and delivering people objectives in light of AI and Automation,  plus the ever-growing requirement for flexibility and simplicity – the need to design and implement for optimum employee experience is vital.

A recent report by the Josh Bersin Academy and Deloitte showed that 32% of HR Tech Projects complete significantly over budget and 42% are rated not fully successful after 2 years – with the coveted ‘better employee experience’ achieving a -50% difference between expected and actual value.

With careful and thorough planning, you can ensure that HR systems are selected, enhanced and implemented whilst meeting timescales and budget.  Including valuable – and often over-looked – people interventions within the project can ensure managers are equipped to facilitate the change well, productivity is retained during an uncertain period and employees are resilient, open to change and ready to fully engage with the new system.

Bumps in the road are inevitable – but getting the process right – from both an implementation and a people perspective can increase confidence and ultimately maximise project success and outcomes.

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