Managing through uncertainty: Mental health and the importance of kindness

Online Training

In the current situation we find ourselves in, kindness is more important than ever to our wellbeing. Not only that, but kindness is a cornerstone of good mental health – in every sense – being kind to others and being kind to ourselves.

We’ve all been aware during the last few weeks of amazing acts of kindness making the news – from care home staff voluntarily moving in with residents to keep them safe to neighbours picking up shopping and essentials for each other.  It’s been said that this pandemic, despite its very real challenges, has shown the power of community and humanity and there is no better time to focus on what this means for us in every aspect of our lives – including the workplace.

In this webinar we will discuss;

  • The impact of kindness – brain chemistry, mental health and society
  • Kindness in the workplace – what does that mean and what does it look like?
  • The impact of kindness on business performance and kindness in leaders
  • Being kind to ourselves
  • Kindness in action

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