Post COVID-19: Building Resilience

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You’ll no doubt be making plans of your own about how the business will respond to government advice and what that means for your employees. All this uncertainty and potential change can have a big effect on mental wellbeing and the challenges felt by employees as schools return and they need to get used to yet another way of working means that increasing their resilience could be key to maintaining a productive, healthy workforce.

We have had many requests for support with building resilience in teams and so we have created this introductory free webinar. It’s a brief overview of what makes us resilient and how that can be useful to every organisation. We hope you find it useful and that it gives you some food for thought.

This webinar will cover:

  • Context
  • What is resilience and why do we need it?
  • How resilient are you?
  • The characteristics of resilient people
  • Building resilience in the workplace

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