Post COVID-19: Managing diversity in the workplace

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Diversity in the workplace is a subject that comes up often for our clients and it is certainly an area for focus worldwide now. Lockdown has given us time to reflect on our lives while world events have brought things into focus. We are all aware of the Black Lives Matter movement, and added to that, we have perhaps had time during lockdown to look a bit more introspectively at ourselves and our own behaviour, or the way our workplaces run.

This webinar will look at diversity in the broadest sense, not just in the context of race. It will act as a starting point for helping you to recognise whether your organisation lacks diversity and what steps you can take to build inclusion.

In this webinar we will discuss;

  • Context
  • Perspective and paradigm
  • The benefits of a diverse workforce
  • Actions we can take
  • Resources

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