The 3 key elements of manager empowerment

Don’t lose sight of the most important people in effective employee relations: the managers.

The HR agenda is shifting. A role that was once centred on day-to-day employee relations is increasingly taking a strategy-led approach to the ‘people experience’ across the business – which means there’s a renewed focus on how we should empower managers to support employees effectively.

A former HR Director in large corporations, Yvonne Wilcock, joined AdviserPlus as Director of People and Operations – overseeing our 200+ HR Advisers, who support over 75,000 managers and 500,000 employees across some of the UK’s largest businesses.

In this 30 minute webinar, Yvonne shares:

  • How you can create and maintain a balanced combination of capability, confidence and consistency (the three C’s) to ensure every manager-employee interaction contributes to a positive work experience.
  • Ideas for managing the perception challenge from managers as you transition responsibility for this “HR work”.
  • Examples of where the three Cs have worked well, and occasions where the balance hasn’t been found.

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