The Human Value Proposition - Part 1 - People, Not Workers

The pandemic has impacted employees across multiple levels – altering priorities and bringing into sharp focus expectations for both career fulfilment and the psychological contract between employer and employee.

A recent report from Gartner identifies how the pandemic has changed the relationship between people and their work, and highlights why the employee value proposition (EVP) must evolve to reflect these changes.

Part 1 – People not Workers

Watch part 1 of our interactive virtual forum series ‘The Human Value Proposition’ to discover:

  • Why a greater focus on supporting individual feelings, concerns, skills and goals can expedite organisational change and enhance career development
  • How digital tools can take care of the essential HR processes – freeing managers up to focus on people
  • How an output, instead of input, focussed approach to driving performance can free up more people time

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