Executive Briefing: The workplace revolution

How HR teams need to take a lead in helping the organisation and its people adapt, recover and thrive.

What started as a rapid response to a global pandemic has become a revolution in the workplace.  Millions of workers have discovered the benefits (and pitfalls) of working from home.  Leaders, once sceptical, have realised that home working does not necessarily mean lower productivity.  And line managers have had to learn to motivate, engage and support remotely.

“How employers responded to COVID-19 will have created high levels of trust and reassurance with their people.  The challenge now is to build on that and deliver an on-going positive experience.”

As many organisations seek to recover, rebuild and reshape, we look at what the workplace revolution entails, what the future might look like and how HR teams need to take a lead in helping people to adapt, recover and thrive.

Are you up to the workplace challenge?

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