Varying the employment contract

Do you need to vary your employees’ contractual terms and conditions?

Businesses can harmonise for a number of different reasons which can result in a reduction or improvement to employees’ terms and conditions. Whilst improving T&C’s can be an easy message for people to receive, reducing them can place the business in a vulnerable position and cause a lot of uncertainty for the people affected.

How you manage your people through this change will depend on a number of different factors. In this webinar we will explore in more detail how a business can vary the employment contract process, looking at the people impacts, and the potential business risks involved.

In this 20-minute session Catherine Shacklady provides information and practical tips on:

  • the different ways in which an employment contract can be varied
  • the people process to be followed when changing T&C’s
  • the people impact and risk to the business that come with running such a process.

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