“The AdviserPlus principles and ways of working have formed part of the footprint of change management within WHSmith going forward. We couldn’t have managed this change programme in such a short space of time without them. We had a great working relationship with the AdviserPlus team who demonstrated lots of flexibility, patience, and super quick response times.”

Beccy Hemsley, Group Head of People Operations, WHSmith

Improve business and people outcomes. 

Business change, managed properly

Mitigate risk, manage complexity, reduce the pain of business change.

Change is hugely disruptive for everyone involved. But the way change processes are managed is what will be remembered by those impacted and those who remain in the business.

We lead you through the business change management process. As part of the Empowering People Group we are the only HR-partner who is able to provide such a rich, expert service. Our team of consultants have experience in HR employment law, utilising technology to manage change, business culture & people management guardians, transition experts, and an off-the-shelf digital learning library.

How people-centric is your change management process?

Ensuring the correct processes are followed, that HR teams are properly supported and that affected individuals are given the best possible chance to secure the right next step for them can have a positive and lasting impact. Conversely, getting it wrong can have a detrimental impact on the business and the wider workforce. Find out how people-centric your organisation’s redundancy processes are with this simple diagnostic tool.


Find out more about how AdviserPlus and our partners in Empowering People Group can help transform your redundancy processes.

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