Transforming large-scale consultation processes

Large-scale consultations are complex to manage and those responsible for administering them have a significant undertaking on their hands. But, done well, consultations offer an opportunity to engage employees and identify opportunities to deliver the best outcomes for the business and individuals. It gives those impacted the opportunity to share their views and feel heard during what can be an incredibly unsettling time, so it’s essential to get the process right.

Meeting Manager from AdviserPlus is a custom-built unique solution that addresses common process pain points and transforms the management of one-to-one consultation meetings, reducing the admin burden and potential compliance risk to revolutionise ways of working throughout the consultation process.

Consistency, compliance and confidence

Ensuring the correct processes are followed, that HR teams are properly supported and that affected individuals are given the best
possible chance to secure the right next step for them can have a positive and lasting impact, and conversely, getting it wrong can
have a detrimental impact on the business and the wider workforce.

The platform features an online booking tool to schedule and run consultations meetings, taking out much of the time-consuming
meeting administration. Scripts are provided within the platform to ensure managers running the meetings have the confidence
to engage the impacted employee in the right way whilst also ensuring the approach is consistent and compliant.

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Better people and business outcomes

Significant change, such as redundancies, brings significant disruption that can impact productivity and employee morale, but engaging employees effectively in the process can reduce friction and reduce the negative impact. Meeting Manager ensures consultation processes deliver more positive employee experiences and better business outcomes.

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Consistent and streamlined communications

This is all complemented by the skills of our expert, impartial note-takers who virtually attend meetings to ensure accurate and timely documented minutes are captured. This enables managers to focus on engaging with the employee, rather than taking notes themselves. Notes are captured within the platform, where they are reviewed by our expert QA team before being securely shared with those involved in the process.

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Real-time management information

A user-friendly dashboard provides real-time management information to ensure those managing the process can easily track progress. Consistent email communications can be triggered directly from the platform to impacted employees and those managing the consultation process, reducing the need for app switching. This again reduces the admin burden associated with large volumes of consultation meetings

“The AdviserPlus principles and ways of working have formed part of the footprint of change management within WHSmith going forward. We had a great working relationship with the AdviserPlus team who demonstrated lots of flexibility, patience, and super quick response times. We couldn’t have managed this change programme in such a short space of time without them.”

Beccy Hemsley, Group Head of People Operations, WHSmith

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