Do you know how much employee absence is costing your business?

Many organisations don’t give their line managers specific training for handling employee absence, but as absenteeism continues to grow, it’s becoming a major factor in ensuring your people stay happy and productive, and keeping your business working as it should.

Workplace absence costs the UK economy £18 billion in lost productivity every year. With that figure on the rise, an effective strategy to deal with absence proactively is essential.

We can help you understand what is causing your absenteeism by analysing sickness absence trends, coaching your managers to give them the confidence they need to make quicker, more consistent interventions, and providing the technology tools that not only prompt managers, but enable them to log all interactions so that you have the assurance your policies are being followed.

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Calculate how much absence is costing your business

Use our absence cost calculator to see you how much absence is costing your business, resulting from lost productivity and sick pay.

A proactive approach to absence management helps you

Computer screen with graphs demonstrates employee absence

Increase profitability and reduce operating costs

Happy colleagues having a discussion

Improve productivity and team performance

colleagues high-fiving, boosting morale

Boost morale and talent retention

Managing absence with our people support

Our team of CIPD-qualified HR consultants will:

  • Create, harmonise or simplify your absence policies and processes
  • Benchmark your wellbeing strategy
  • Support your managers throughout difficult absence cases
  • Assist your organisation during Trade Union negotiations
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Managing absence with our HR technology

Our HR technology is purpose-built for HR leaders. It can help you:

  • Accurately capture data in an absence management system
  • Drive follow-up meetings and management actions
  • Forecast future trends and develop your employee absence management strategy.

Our self-serve solution, AnalyticsPlus, is a flexible and intuitive analytics tool which provides an easy and efficient way to make sense of employee absence data.

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Managing absence with our data insights

Our Analytics team can help you:

  • Collect the right absence-related data
  • Visualise and analyse it in the smartest ways
  • Benchmark absence data across your organisation – and against peer organisations
  • Create a roadmap for absence reduction
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We’ll help you deliver real results

We help our clients to achieve tangible business improvements. Here are just a few…


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Saving over 12 months from reducing long-term sickness


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