The HR Leadership Series: The Big Issues for 2019

Lizzie Buxton

Written By Lizzie Buxton

3rd January 2019

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We’re kick-starting 2019 by diving straight into the big issues concerning HR professionals across the country. We’re keen to look at the key talking points facing you all this year – and beyond – to explore what’s happening in the workforce, why it’s happening and what can be done to improve.

Starting this week, the ‘HR Leadership Series’ is a set of videos featuring AdviserPlus CEO Nick Bradley in conversation with Dr Anthony Hesketh.

HR leadership series

Dr Hesketh is a Senior Lecturer in the Management School at Lancaster University’s Department of Work and Technology and a leading academic when it comes to understanding and explaining the current trends in HR. He’s the author of “The Mismanagement of Talent” (Oxford University Press, 2004) and “Understanding the Performance of HR” (Cambridge University Press, 2008) and also sits on the editorial board of HR Director Magazine, making him perfectly placed to explore HR in detail.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll release videos looking at the following topics:

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You can begin the series right now by watching the first video, which looks at the cost of absenteeism and the opportunity to be gained from cutting absence rates.

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