The HR Leadership Series: Generational Mindset

Lizzie Buxton

Written By Lizzie Buxton

24th January 2019

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How much is the changing face of the workplace driven by generational differences? Has the arrival of millennials changed the way we do business?

That’s the topic of discussion for the latest episode in our HR Leadership Series. In the latest weekly video AdviserPlus CEO Nick Bradley and Lancaster University Senior Lecturer Anthony Hesketh look at whether or not there’s a change in generational mindset and what this means in practice for businesses.

Dr Hesketh says he thinks the workplace was ‘locked into a different model’ 25 years ago and that workers now not only wanted a greater sense of fulfillment from their job, but they wanted their work to fit around them, not vice versa.

Dr Hesketh, an expert in HR who works for the university’s department of work and technology, said smart businesses are appointing Chief Human Resources Officers who understand the mentality of the modern worker and how to get the most from them.

He also said: “Research tells us that millennials don’t do meetings. This is why PDRs and annual reviews are disappearing. Millennials don’t want a conversation once a quarter.”

He added: “They want feedback in real time and they are prepared to offer feedback in real time to others.”

In the next episode, we’ll be looking at culture.

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