The Human Value Proposition - Part 3 - Feelings, not features

The pandemic has impacted employees across multiple levels – altering priorities and bringing into sharp focus shifting employment expectations, as well as challenging the psychological contract between employer and employee.

A recent report from Gartner identifies how the pandemic has changed the relationship between people and their work, and highlights why the employee value proposition (EVP) must evolve to reflect these changes.

The research suggests that to thrive in the post-pandemic world and to truly understand why employees work for you, you need to focus on feelings, not just features. Taking positive and proactive actions on cultural, societal and emotional issues helps to ensure employees feels invested in your business.

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The Empowering People Group combines HR expertise from ER specialists AdviserPlus, workplace coaching experts Working Transitions and expert employment law firm Halborns. Together, the group share a deep understanding of today’s complex HR landscape.

Our panel will be sharing their thoughts on reinventing your employee value proposition (EVP) to focus more on ‘feelings not features’, including:

  • How to create the right workplace culture so that the values relating to the feelings of individuals are incorporated in to daily life
  • The qualities of a leader that are vital to creating a culture of care
  • Practical tips for adapting your culture to match individual expectations, embrace individualism, build inclusion and ensure your business is still operational
  • Examples of how you can create policies that show you’re human and engage the reader, enabling employees to bring their whole selves to work

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