We’ll help you reduce absenteeism, and all its costs.

The average cost of a sick day is over £100. And that’s before you consider the impact on co-workers, on morale and productivity, and on long-term talent retention.

We can help you minimise staff absence of all kinds – from unnecessary ‘sickies’, to the absences caused by genuine short- and long-term illnesses.

  • Get proactive about employee absence management
  • Reduce absenteeism – and all its costs
  • Improve morale and talent retention
  • Increase productivity and profitability

See how we helped The Post Office transform its approach to staff absence management, and save a projected £1million in just 12 months – read the case study now.

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Post Office Case Study
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Managing absence with: HR Consultancy

Our team of CIPD-qualified HR consultants will:

  • Create, harmonise or simplify your absence policies and processes
  • Benchmark your wellbeing strategy
  • Support your managers throughout difficult absence cases
  • Assist your organisation during Trade Union negotiations
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Managing absence with: HR Technology

Our HR technology is purpose-built for HR leaders. It can help you:

  • Accurately capture data in an absence management system
  • Drive follow-up meetings and management actions

Forecast future trends and develop your employee absence management strategy

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Managing absence with: Benchmarking & Analytics

Our Insight Analysts can help you:

  • Collect the right absence-related data
  • Visualise and analyse it in the smartest ways
  • Benchmark absence data across your organisation – and against peer organisations
  • Create a roadmap for absence reduction
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Data insights

Managing absence with: Learning & Development

We can train and coach your managers to:

  • Confidently and proactively manage absence of all kinds
  • Spot the early signs of employee distress
  • Handle mental health issues with confidence
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