Transforming employee relations to drive business success

Since its launch in 2021, empower® has transformed the management of employee relations in numerous leading organisations, including BT, Wickes, Sainsbury’s, Currys, Argos and Virgin Atlantic. As well as winning some prestigious awards in the last year, AdviserPlus has also helped drive people-empowered change.

Below, we present key highlights showcasing the incredible successes we have achieved with our clients, illustrating the advantages of business transformation driven by empowered managers.

Ownership of guided journey tasks by line managers

Empowering managers with the right tools and support to navigate complex tasks, usually requiring HR expertise, results in faster issue resolution, increased employee engagement, and valuable time savings for HR.

empower® guided journeys enable line managers to handle most employee matters, from performance management to conflict resolution.

With 94% of employee relations tasks in our client base placed in the capable hands of line managers, empower® leads the way in transforming employee relations.

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Graph illustrating results A breakdown of manager-led guided tasks using empower

Over two-thirds of cases are self-served entirely by managers

In 2023, the majority of cases in our client base were self-served exclusively by line managers without HR involvement, showcasing improved efficiency and autonomy.

Thanks to line managers taking charge, processes for sickness absence, performance issues, flexible working, and disciplinary matters were streamlined.

The notable 69% of cases closed with no HR intervention not only highlights managers’ enhanced capabilities but also emphasises how our clients are embracing new ways of working.

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Graph illustrating Proportion of cases closed with no HR contribution at all with empower

On average, no HR involvement for 6 weeks

In 2023, line managers typically took the lead in overseeing the initial stages of most cases, with HR involvement becoming necessary only in the later stages or where the matter was one of complexity or requiring judgment or expertise, such as grievances.

Guided journeys play a crucial role in empowering line managers to effectively handle the early phases, thereby reducing the burden on HR.

With an average of no HR involvement for 6 weeks, this approach enhances efficiency and allows HR to focus on more complex matters that require specialist expertise, contributing to streamlined and effective case resolution.

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Graph illustrating time lapse (days) between case opening and HR's first involvement with empower

Managers take charge of case creation

Our clients’ managers have been taking the lead in creating cases related to performance management, sickness absence, and disciplinary issues, without relying on HR to initiate the process.

In 2023, an impressive 85.2% of these cases were initiated by the managers, demonstrating their growing confidence and empowerment in taking proactive steps to address workplace challenges.

empower® provides managers with effective tools and guidance for everyday situations, allowing HR to focus on more strategic initiatives.

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Graph illustrating manager-led case creation using empower

Delivered at scale

in 2023, empower® has supported


people process tasks


employee relations cases


tailored, templated letter generation

1 in 55

employees in the UK private sector

HR software employee relations software dashboards

2023 case studies

AdviserPlus empower digitally guided journeys for ER

Empowering managers to self-serve ER matters with one of the UK’s largest multi-site and multibrand retailers

At the heart of the HR transformation at Sainsbury’s is empower® by AdviserPlus, which has digitally simplified Sainsbury’s employee relations processes and transformed ways of working for HR and line managers.

Currys retailer

Enabling Currys People Team to focus on employee engagement
with empower®

The integration of empower® technology, analytics, and expert ER advisers enabled a robust and proactive approach to employee relations management, benefiting both Currys and its workforce.

Wickes team members

Transforming Wickes employee relations with actionable insights using empower®

empower® enables an insight-driven approach to Employee Relations (ER) management for one of the UK’s leading home improvement retailers, empowering line managers to self-serve employee relations matters and enabling HR to proactively improve employee experiences.


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