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Line managers needed to get the right advice and guidance on the unprecedented number of COVID-19 concerns arising, while the wider organisation required up-to-date, real-time visibility of the impact COVID-19 was having on its people across the organisation, to ensure that they had in place the right resources to support staff and continue providing their services. Due to the continually updating government policy and guidelines relating to COVID-19, Network Rail’s requirements needed to be continually reviewed, modified and adapted and, crucially, they needed to be able to upwardly report to the Department of Transport.

AdviserPlus delivered a bespoke real-time reporting dashboard and a dedicated advice line with access to Network Rail’s FAQ resource, which was managed and updated daily in-house in line with changing government policy. Ensuring that the document was supplied to AdviserPlus’ Technical Management Team by 8am each morning allowed the advisory team to understand the changes and implications for their COVID- 19 case management and advice.

Key Fact


managers supported throughout the crisis

“I guess if anyone told us about the year ahead, we would have been incredulous and maybe even overwhelmed. However, we weren’t, we have taken it one day at a time, working together and being more flexible and more open to change than at any time in our employee relations experience I am sure. Our people have stayed safe, in part, because of our clarity of advice and guidance to managers.”

Nicola Hand, Employee Relations Services Manager,, Network Rail

The AdviserPlus solution

AdviserPlus worked with Network Rail to deliver:

  • A credible manager support function to deal efficiently with the unprecedented level of advice calls the pandemic created;
  • A ‘single source of the truth’ to ensure consistency of messaging and approach for line managers across the organisation using constantly updated FAQs on how to deal with COVID-19 concerns;
  • Real-time visibility of large amounts of people data, allowing Network Rail to constantly adjust resources, report to the Department of Transport, and manage not only absences but also staff that were unable to work due to positive test results, self-isolation, shielding, or being classed as vulnerable;
  • The ability to bulk upload tailored case notes to specific COVID-19 cases using AdviserPlus software, where all cases and information are contained within a single solution.

Read the full case study here.

The benefits

Robust reporting for the Department of Transport

Ability to support high volume activity with little notice

Assurance that managers were getting best-in-class, compliant advice and information

Bespoke service aligned with the context of Network Rail’s business and culture

24/7 gateway access to channel their COVID-19 related enquiries

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