How do you continue to serve one of the UK’s largest districts by population, while working towards ambitious targets for workforce reduction?

It’s a challenge Bradford Council has chosen to tackle head-on, through operational and – crucially – cultural change.


Key Fact


Managers trained online & via workshop series

The MI AdviserPlus provided really helped us prove that performance management was an area we needed to address, and drive this message home with management teams at every level.

Simon Jenkins, Corporate HR Manager, Bradford Council

The solution & benefits

The Council’s solution? Strengthen its HR front line, by boosting engagement amongst managers at all levels. That meant turning to AdviserPlus for help in developing and rolling out a comprehensive training programme for more than 360 managers.

The programme is helping to transform behaviour and foster a stronger culture of performance management. Managers who’ve attended the training are now almost twice as likely to open a case, helping to ensure any issues are addressed before they turn into big problems.

  • 100% of attendees continue to find their training valuable
  • 84% rate themselves as confident or very confident
  • 64% say they have a better understanding of the resources available to help them


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